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The Arduino clock runs at 16 MHz, which is 16,000,000 cycles per second: one clock cycle takes 0. 0625 microseconds. A single half cycle of the 60 Hz AC signal contains 133,333 clock cycles. A single half cycle of the 60 Hz AC signal contains 133,333 clock cycles.

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Project - Arduino ECU / Filename Size Date modified Message; engine_sim: ECU. ino. 21. 0 KB 2013-07-06. Altered missing tooth algorithm slightly to fix a problem with multiple triggers. includes. cpp. 6. 9 KB

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0/17/2013 I've abandoned the PIC in favor of an Arduino setup. The hardware has been a lot easier to work with and the code libraries for the Arduino have greatly simplified the necessary tasks.

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/7/2012Very simple ignition controller. Basically just counts the time since the last ignition reference signal (represented here by the hall-effect sensor output of a computer fan), calculates degrees

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Here is the Arduino code. Using the serial interface of the Arduino IDE it is possible to control the MST_K12 regulator. The commands are sent to the Arduino card that translates them into commands for MST_K12. The commands are: a: turn on the controller to the speed regulation value set …

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Arduino RGB LED Controller. August 23rd, 2011 Thomas Jespersen Leave a comment Go to comments. When reorganizing our stock I found a whole bunch of diffused RGB LEDs (100pcs) so I thought I would make something cool with them. the effect of delayed ignition LED I buy LED RGB common cathode: I made a ProtoBoard with 6 LED arduino to test my

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Arduino ignition controller

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Controller by highlighting the line or checking the box and clicking the ‘View/Hide’ button. Note: The first time the unit is connected; it may prompt for updates to be installed. This will use timing to help stabilize the Saves and Transfers Changes made to the LS Ignition Controller via MSDView are in real time.

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0/1/2017Re: Arduino COP Ignition to adjust engine timing for alternate fuels Its got an entire MCU between the arduino and the coil. The plug wire being used has a metallic core and is meant for a 1980s continential 4 cylinder.

Arduino ignition controller

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/25/2016I've fiddled a bit with Arduino basic stuff, and my bigg plans for an EV controller have stumbled upon legislation, so that has never really taken off. I am in the mean time working on a custom motorcycle, and I feel the ignition needs some improvement.

Arduino ignition controller

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So I have been working for a while now on a controller for the vegetable oil system in my vehicle. I am fairly new to programing and am enjoying teaching myself with an arduino. I have an arduino nano 32 that I plan to use for the project. I have gone through many …

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This project aims to create a flexible, fully featured Engine Management Systems (EMS aka ECU) based on the low cost and open source Arduino platform. Speeduino comprises both the hardware and software components that would be expected from a commercial engine management system, but in an open and low cost package.

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Arduino Controlled Electronic Ignition. 11 Replies. Success! I have started and run the engine on my own electronic ignition. links to other such arduino ignition timing projects. Would really recommend taking a look at Speeduino. I think my controller and code would have struggled to get to 14,000RPM, if I remember correctly, I did

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I’m using the Arduino Duemilanove to develop the hardware and firmware for the controller. My current mock-up consists of a signal generator to create tach signal pulses, the Arduino, a coil with built in ignition module from my RX-7, and a protoboard to interface all of the electronics.

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