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The Elektor Raspberry Pi Ruler is a handy ruler with lots of practical information about the Raspberry Pi printed on it. With it you will always have the RPi’s most important mechanical and electrical specifications and often needed terminal commands handy.

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The RasPiO GPIO Ruler is the ideal quick reference for RPi. GPIO hacking on the Raspberry Pi in Python. Slip it over your Raspberry Pi GPIO header for easy to read pin labels. The port labels are relevant to Raspberry Pi models 3, 2, B+, A+, and Zero.

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Alex Eames - RasPi. TV is raising funds for RasPiO GPIO Zero Code Reference Ruler for Raspberry Pi on Kickstarter! Quick reference for GPIO Zero coding. Python code /30cm PCB ruler

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The ruler features a very similar GPIO labeling section to the Portplus before it, alongside some of the most commonly used code examples for using the Raspberry Pi's GPIO with Python. A new 12 version has also just been released on crowdfunding site Kickstarter , …

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VL53L0X break-out board The LEDs on the ruler are optional but give it a fun aspect. The software available below uses the LEDs as a distance scale. The software was written on a Raspberry Pi 3 model B V1. 2 but should work also on other RPis with a 40-pin extension connector. Connect the ruler before powering on the RPi.

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The GPIO Zero 12″/30cm PCB ruler This is an image of both sides of the successful crowd sourced project for the 12 inch / 30 cm version of the popular 6 inch quick reference ruler for GPIO Zero coding.

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Raspberry Pi users looking for a quick reference guide when using the mini PCs GPIO ports might be interested in a new 30cm PCB ruler, which has been created by Alex Eames in the form of the

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The RasPiO GPIO Ruler… is the ideal quick reference for RPi. GPIO hacking on the Raspberry Pi in Python has all the most commonly used RPi. GPIO code, which can be hard to remember is a Raspberry Pi port identification aid (GPIO numbers and Alt functions) can be used as a ruler

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Adafruit Industries, Unique and there's dozens of different names too!

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Because we’re connecting the RGB LED and the PmodACL2 to the Raspberry Pi, we’ll need wires from the PCB ruler connected on to the Raspberry Pi 2. These wires allow the Raspberry Pi 2 to get the acceleration values from the PmodACL2 and update the colors of the RGB LED on the ruler.

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1/24/2018Household sharing included. No complicated set-up. Unlimited DVR storage space. Cancel anytime.

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How To Make a Cheap WS2811 LED Display Matrix with a Raspberry Pi. Skip to: Assembly A metre rule or some kind of long ruler, to measure distance betwen LEDs and batons With programmable LEDs, it really, really matters which is the LED.