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Low-Cost Vector Network Analyzer for Communication Devices

Using the AD8302 to Measure the Gain and Insertion Phase of an Amplifier or Mixer APPLICATIONS Measuring Amplifier Gain and Compression The most fundamental application of AD8302 is the monitoring of the gain and phase response of a functional circuit block such as an amplifier or a mixer.

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AD8302 ARU RF Module LF to more than 2700 MHZ (2. 7 GHZ) Power and Phase Detector With Ultra-Low-Noise Voltage Regulator Based on the Analog Devices AD8302ARU chip, this small module is a complete RF Power Difference and Phase Difference detector for 50 ohm systems working from below 1 MHZ to more than 2700 MHZ with 60 dB dynamic range (-60 to 0 dBm).

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The AD8302 chip has two outputs of interest. The first one indicates the power difference of the two applied RF signals and produces a voltage to represent a -30. +30 dB difference with a 30mV/dB slope. The second is the Phase output that indicates the phase relationship between the two RF input signals with a range of 30 mV to 1. 8 V.

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The EVAL-AD8302-ARDZ shield illustrates the functionality of the AD8302, a gain and phase detector which operates from low frequency up to 2. 7 GHz. The voltage outputs of the AD8302 are routed to the ANALOG IN connector of the Arduino base board.

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La tension directe et res par la fonction calculDut (int adcMag, int adcPhs) RL=-20log(Rho)

Ad8302 arduino

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Power and SWR Meter with dual bargraphs and sticky bar, using 2x AD8307. This project has now been updated, see here: Teensy++ 2. 0 (Arduino compatible) Microcontroller board (. pjrc or . sparkfun) 20x4 LCD (any HD44780 compatible 20x4 LCD will work, $10 on ebay)

Ad8302 arduino

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The two AD8302 outputs are connected to two 10-bit ADC ports on the Arduino Mega. The reference pin on the Arduino is used with the AD8302 so that the Arduino ADC uses all 10 bits across the approximate 3. 3v output maximum of the AD8302.

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A Low Budget Vector Network Analyzer for AF to UHF Professor Dr Thomas C. Baier, DG8SAQ The author’s PC turned his “simple gadget” into a sophisticated piece of test equipment. Introduction After years of professional work with commercial vector network analyzers (VNWAs), I did not want to …

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Analog Devices – AD8302. На ее выходе формиру-ются два аналоговых сигнала. Первый пропорцио- Arduino предусмотрен автоматический сброс для запуска загрузчика программного обеспечения. Он

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AD8302 RF MODULE ARDUINO or other MCU/stand-alone Low noise Voltage Regulator - $36. 70. ATTENTION: The price shown includes Greek VAT 24% and is applicable to all individuals in EU countries only. If you are from any other country including USA, Canada, Australia etc. please use the button and divide the price by 1,24. We will first accept this offer to let you proceed with …

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AD8302 gain and phase detector microchip from Analog Device Inc6. The wide frequency range of this microchip eliminates the necessity for utilizing superheterodyne cir-cuitry and permits the processing of the signal directly at the frequency of the measurements. In some experi-ments, its high sensitivity and broad dynamic range allow